"If you are your product, then you had better get to know it inside out!"
- Abbie Broad

Abbie Broad Mindset Coach for Women in Business
Affordable and Accessible Mindset Coaching for Business
From Start-Up to Scale-up

“I named my business Now Watch Me Fly because I truly believe that when we release ourselves from struggle, we can absolutely fly”

My journey as a coach began in 2014. Training as a Life Coach had been my dream for many years and finally it became a reality. After achieving my Level 5 Diploma in record time, I was keen to start helping others as quickly as I could. Although at this point I still never imagined I would be running my own business.

But after a chance encounter and the offer of a coaching contract at a local manufacturing firm, before I knew it I had a business bank account, 2000 business cards and no job!!!

Being a coach has certainly helped me to navigate this journey. However, nothing can prepare you for the rollercoaster of emotions that you have to endure as an early stage start-up. The usual networking groups didn‘t offer the kind of support I needed and very quickly my mental health began to suffer.

Thankfully I did find the support I needed and because of that, I am now able to help you to avoid the unnecessary struggles of so many start-ups. By starting at the beginning. By focusing my energy on creating the right mindset, everything else began to fall into place.

I realised that despite being a Life Coach, my own limiting beliefs, fear of failure and procrastination were actually what was holding me back.

Want to learn more about me? Read my story here.

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Now, my mission is to help you to do the same and make the shift from struggle to success!


“My business felt like a burden. A place that triggered many of my fears and limiting beliefs. I doubted myself constantly and often felt overwhelmed and exhausted. Even when my business was going well, I still struggled to maintain consistency with income and visibility”


If you are the business, then you must be treated like the companies most valuable asset. Sometimes this means outsourcing and other times it means investing time and money to make sure you are operating at your full potential. Mindset is the only true obstacle in business, don’t let yours get in the way.


“Investing in yourself will transform how you feel and approach your business. It will ensure your business is a place of joy and productivity. Your confidence will increase and so too will your energy and motivation. You will show up consistently for your customers and Turn your Passion into Profit”

How Mindset Coaching will transform your business. Choose from a variety of packages from group and 1-1 coaching to online learning.

Working from home doesn’t mean being alone! Connecting with other likeminded business owners offers inspiration, motivation and the space to build courage to compete. The MIND your own business club offers connection through group and 1-1 coaching.

"Abbie has helped me to recognise and challenge my behaviour, beliefs and values, through open discussion, to empower me to go through my business journey with focus and clarity."
Pauline MacNamara Twist of Creativity
"Working with Abbie has helped me to see a different way to work that allows me to change my working behaviours in order to improve."
Debbie GreylingNot Just Travel
"Mindset Coaching has given me clearer guidelines of what I want to achieve and better focus on how I’m going to get there. Having Abbie as my own personal cheerleader is amazing!"
Vicki Hudson Vicki Hudson Reflexology

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