"Communication is the real work of leadership"
- Nitin Nohria

What you'll get out of our leadership and team coachings for Portsmouth SMEs:

Talent Spotting

By applying simple coaching techniques, managers are better able to open up conversations within their team. Exploring idea sharing and problem solving, builds self-esteem and employees can demonstrate their ability and skills with confidence. This will often highlight previously unused talents within the work force, which in turn will benefit the organisation.

Positive Communication

In SME’s individual personalities play a big part in the overall culture of the business. Using coaching language provides a simple framework to encourage effective communication. Learning how information is filtered through our own values and beliefs, offers understanding and information that we can use to communicate positively with our peers.

Increased productivity

Today we demand more from our employers than just a wage. We expect to be fulfilled at work and want purpose, respect and recognition for our input. Implementing a coaching culture throughout your organisation, encourages this. Employees will work harder if they feel their contribution is recognised both emotionally as well as financially.

When its time to take on staff, build a team that shares your values!


Leadership Coaching

Training for you and your managers to become great leaders and inspire team investment.

Team Coaching

Train your team in the use of coaching language and behaviours and create a positive workplace culture.

What will I learn and how will that help?

Owners will learn

How to share their core values and manage the growth of their business from within by investing in their most important asset. Their People.

Managers will learn

How to communicate with their teams to inspire investment. How to demonstrate the value each person brings to the business.

Employees will learn

How to build on their core strengths and create a positive flow of communication. How to work a process of self reflection and assessment to maintain mental wellness

Benefits for owners

As the owner of an SME our core values are at the heart of our business. By communicating our core values to others we establish an inclusive and precipitative culture.

Benefits for managers

Participative managements styles are an ideal tool for employee retention and well being. They encourage idea sharing, responsibility and work load distribution and a positive team dynamic.

Benefits for employees

Employees that feel better, do better. Our people are our most important asset and when they feel valued, respected and included they will reciprocate with loyalty and productivity.

How can Leadership and Team Coaching help your business? See an example.

“Following this programme, I have seen an increase in confidence from both the managers when dealing with their teams and their own workload.”

Penny Moore Finance Director Atlantic Refrigeration

"Engaging the services of a mindset coach has been a sound financial investment for our business. Creating a profitable business from your passion takes time and a lot of hard work. Having a business that supports my family, has been a lifelong dream and with Abbie's help we have been able to create a fantastic working environment that allows everyone's strengths to shine."

Lucy Heath Owner CBL Backdrops

About Your Coach: Abbie Broad

Throughout my career I have worked within both family run businesses and SME’s in and around Portsmouth. Unlike corporate organisations, SME’s view and value their people in a very different way. When there are only 2 or 3 of you working to keep a business running, it is imperative that everyone is working together, positively and productively. If 1 out of 3 people is unhappy and sabotaging the business, that’s 33% of your work force!!!!

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