Mindset Group Coaching for Women in Business

Online group coaching for women in business helps beat feelings of isolation, confinement, remoteness, segregation, solitude, aloneness, detachment, and withdrawal.Wow those are not words that we really want to use to describe how we are experiencing our business are they?  Isolation in particular can be devastating for us as human beings. We crave connection and gain energy from having people around us. When I left work to start a business the feelings of isolation were catastrophic, even though I am blessed with an amazing support network of family and friends. I found that my, and other female entrepreneurs’ passion, energy, purpose, and motivation are directly linked to the people and situations we chose to engage with.  Connection sits very securely within our core values and without it our heart will literally break. 

For me, the feeling of isolation in my business was a combination of geography and a lack of emotional connection with women starting their own businesses. I found that isolation causes a multitude of struggles, fear, confusion, self-doubt and overwhelm and that without connection we struggle to process our thoughts and emotions. For instance, we might self-medicate and become addicted to things that are not good for us, because our body and our soul is literally crying out for some happy hormones;the ones we get when we meet with friends or when we feel wanted and useful. 

What I have noticed is that business women feel less isolated when they can connect online. It helps get rid of the low self esteem which comes from isolation, and stops self doubt creep in. Women are held accountable, but also supported, which helps stop procrastination. Sharing a journey also stops women from ending up in a loop of unresourceful behaviours and indecision, either working too hard on the wrong things or never finishing anything.  

Connection can be experienced on so many levels. Physically, spiritually, mentally, and verbally. When we connect with a person there is a profound feeling of comfort and belonging. It gives us energy and feeds our soul. When we are connected with other people, we experience joy and it is most often because our values are being met. When work takes us away from the natural hustle and bustle of an office, team or workplace connection immediately begins to be lost and so when we consciously make the choice to work from home, we need to  be purposeful in our behaviours to seek out other ways to connect. 

Social media and the internet can be a double-edged sword. We have all these people wanting to inject themselves into our life and wanting us to reciprocate. However, if we are not meeting our core values through these connections and getting at least a small amount of enriching interaction, then online conversations  can start to feel like an empty void. It triggers self-doubt, procrastination, fear, and judgement. So, we want to be connecting with the right people, who share our values and combine that with consistent actions to engage with actual human beings. Our family and friends can of course offer deep connection, however when it comes to our business values and goals, we will need to look further outside of our immediate circle to find people that appreciate our Why. We need business buddies and fast. Having a regular source of connection can mean enormous shifts in motivation, clarity, and confidence. Reassured by the feeling of having others in our corner .

How online coaching compares to networking and other forms of support

The energy that is created in a safe space where like minded women can share their stuff is priceless. As women we are naturally inclined to embrace this facilitation and we are skilled at providing this transformation space. Ever heard the phrase ‘mothers meeting?’  Since the dawn of time women have grouped together to share chores and raise children, created working groups to tackle large tasks and in more recent years the introduction of slimming clubs, craft groups, yoga classes and online networking. All utilising this most natural of female resources – the ability to lean into and take energy from connection. 

Group coaching is my passion, and I have found that online group coaching works using the same principles for empathy and connection as our modern ‘mother’s meetings’. A valuable group coaching will facilitate a learning space where women in business can come together to build confidence through shared experiences. My model of group coaching shares similarities with online networking groups, with introductions and conversation, with the goal of building confidence to promote your business and grow your network. However, what often happens  in networking groups is that those who are experiencing struggle will use the event as an opportunity to cry out for help. Although advice and support are always forthcoming, without professional facilitation the advice will often fall on deaf ears. This is not always the best environment to reach out for help in as the tendency is to tell the person struggling what to do rather than question the source of the struggle. To coach effectively we need the right environment. For example I would not ‘coach’ a friend pouring their heart out to me on a night out. I may if it were appropriate, offer to meet with them separately and suggest how coaching might help. Coaching requires the participant to accept challenges and lean into vulnerability. None of which can happen without the right preparation and environment. 

In group coaching the participants arrive with an informed level of expectation ready to put the work in. 

No amount of expertise can help if we are not in the right mindset to take action. Professional coaching groups work very differently from networking and group coaching offers the perfect environment to work on those struggles so that we can indeed hear and take action on the advice and support given.

Why do you need online coaching for your business? 

We think we don’t have time to work on ourselves. Low self esteem means we hold back from accepting help. Low confidence means that we don’t believe or deserve to be helped and my personal favourite, powering through. I have shared in other blogs why mindset is so important to help women in business, and here is a short summary of why we need a positive mindset:

  • Women fear failure and making mistakes, and this means they hold back from even trying.
  • Women really are crap at asking for help and even more reluctant to delegate. We suffer the consequences in quite dramatic ways and will often work to the point of exhaustion.  
  • Women are emotional beings, in a good way, however we can become overly reliant on our emotions and they often get in the way. 
  • Women have over centuries been taught to hide their strength. Those that show it are judged harshly, by both men and women alike. To avoid judgement, we play it safe and sadly play down our inner awesomeness and keep it hidden from the world.  
  • Women can be risk averse if the risk is for their own gain. If the risk were running into a fire to save their kids then no problem at all, but they will hesitate to place their needs above others if it means taking a risk. 
  • Women are reactive and responsive. Very good at serving others and meeting requests. This makes us great employees and not such great entrepreneurs. As we often lack the confidence to visualise our own progression. 
  • Women struggle to prioritise their own agenda. Family trumps everything and work life balance can be a real challenge when we work for ourselves. 
  • Women tend to hold a low opinion of themselves when it comes to money and success and are inclined to sabotage or victimize themselves. This incredibly wasteful pastime seems ridiculous to the outsider but for the person on the inside whilst counterproductive it limits the pressures of expectation.  
  • Women are far less likely to be comfortable with ruthless behaviours and therefore they will struggle to think strategically about their business, their numbers, and their competition.  
  • The biggest failure I believe and the one I work tirelessly to avoid passing onto my 4 girls is the failure to recognise our true potential. To believe with all our heart the world is our oyster and that anything is possible. 

Each of us can relate to at least a few of these I am sure, and this does appear to paint a rather dim picture of women’s potential for success in business. Hold tight it’s not as bad as it looks. There is a very simple and easy solution to help each and every one of you to overcome any or all of the above and that is connection. Effective, connection and support to help build your confidence to overcome. 

What to expect from Mindset Coaching online

My group coaching formula is set in an informal, relaxed environment where a warm welcome will await you when you arrive. You will have the opportunity to chat and introduce yourself to other women in the group who are all there with similar goals and values. The session will begin with an introduction from me followed by a lively group discussion, goal sharing and accountability check in. New attendees can share a little about their business and the mindset goals they wish to achieve, which helps build connection to other members in the group. We will then move onto the theme for the session which changes each week and work through some simple exercises designed to offer practical solutions for overcoming stuck behaviours, procrastination, and a variety of other common obstacles for new business owners. 

We then finish the session by setting our intentions for the next 30 days and requesting support from the group to aid accountability. All learning materials are supplied, including PowerPoints for the session.

Who is online coaching for?

Online coaching is a fabulous asset to any business. Group sessions mean affordability and online means accessibility. For one off meetups it’s great to work on a particular theme or struggle. For the members of my VIP Membership club (they attend all sessions for free as part of their package) it offers regular coaching and a reliable source of support and accountability for them and their business. Struggles do get easier with time, however as new situations arise, it is good to have support you can dip into and rely on at the same time. We have to keep putting in the work to maintain mental resilience and for this we need support. 

Although a group environment, online group coaching is incredibly beneficial for introverts and those that struggle to hold conversations face to face. With my skills as a coach and facilitator all groups are operated through inclusion and positive reinforcement. Introverts and reflective learners actually prefer group sessions as it allows them the opportunity to sit back and observe the conversation and take from it the pieces that are most helpful to them without the pressure. 1-1 coaching can be tough, and you have to be ready to participate full on if you chose to work 1-1 with me. Groups are gentler and we can learn a lot about ourselves by listening and observing the journey of others. 

If you are not yet sure if Group Coaching is right for you and your business, please click Group Coaching for more information. For now you can hear from just a few of the amazing women who have leaned into their vulnerability and courageously taken this leap to build mental resilience and turned their passion into profit. 


Tracey Blake 

‘I have loved being part of the VIP group and have felt my confidence grow so much since joining. Through attending regular 1-1 and group sessions I have managed to work more consistently and effectively which is entirely due to the help and support of the club members as well as Abbie Broad and her excellent coaching skills. The VIP group is such a warm and positive space and is definitely a wonderful place for all new female entrepreneurs.

Alison Emery 

‘There are a number of reasons why I enjoy group coaching and how this has helped my business. As someone working alone it is nice to get together with other people as I don’t feel quite so isolated knowing that other people have similar issues to myself. I also like to hear other people’s viewpoints or plans and goals. This in itself triggers ideas that can be applied to my business that I would have otherwise not thought of. Having regular group coaching gives me some structure for the month with a time frame to work around. Whilst there is no pressure I always feel far more motivated and inspired after the sessions and feel that I am more productive.’

Vicki Hudson 

I love being part of this group, it is the right amount of challenging and caring for me. Abbie is clear and focused with her agendas. Working with others when you are a lone worker is great for being accountable. They are great ways to off load your fears and worries with a sympathetic group who won’t judge you. Having your own team of cheerleaders is fabulous.

Sarah Dupont

Thank you Abbie for inviting me to be a part of your VIP team. I am finally giving my business the time and energy that it deserves, and your support has been key in that. It’s lovely being part of such a supportive team and your guidance and units to work through are awesome. There’s a feeling of accountability within the group too which spurs me into action and time for self-analysis which leads to little business light bulb moments.

If you would like to know more about the Membership Scheme Click  VIP Membership Club and join today.

Why not try it out?  VIP members attend Group Sessions for Free. Not a member yet? Why not join our next session as a guest and see what its all about. Visit MeetUp and book today. 

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