Why you need coaching for your network marketing business

Network marketing is a rapidly growing industry and following the effects of coronavirus I believe it will undoubtedly grow even bigger, and it is the perfect time for network marketing business owners to change their mindset from negative to positive. 

Due to a rapid change in circumstances, redundancy, lost business ventures and a shift in personal priorities, many more women will be looking for accessible ways to earn additional income. Online opportunities have meant that reaching out to a wider audience is getting much easier and gone are the days of just popping round to someone’s house and setting up your stall, doing your pitch while ladies drink wine and eat peanuts. It’s serious business and one that is offering huge opportunities to those who otherwise would struggle to get out to work and earn income.

Instagram in awash with IG stories and images of before and after stories, skincare tips, jewellery, oils, and other products. Many of my coaching clients are women with their own MLM business and although the journey and purpose of the business can seem very different from an entrepreneurial one,  the struggles are still the same.

Over the years I have worked with women offering a variety of MLM products. For some the challenge is confidence to be visible. For others it can be strategies around time and balancing family and some it is understanding business and support with presenting a consistent and effective sales message. Resilience is possibly top of the list. It takes time to build up a client base and competition is everywhere. Coaching helps to get perspective on the fears around competition and learning how to respond to changes in a positive way that brings energy into the process rather than draining it. 

I am constantly blown away by the skills and determination demonstrated by many of the younger network marketers; their use and understanding of the online platforms are inspiring. My eldest daughter recently became a rep for a skincare range. She used the products herself and had really positive results. This led to her being contacted by the company and invited to become a rep. Her IG is insane, and I am so proud of what she has achieved. Identifying her ideal paying clients (with mum’s help) has meant her message is both focused and purposeful.  And now I can incorporate this insight into the ways in which MLM businesses can reach their ideal paying clients both traditionally and online.

How a professional coach can help your business

The skills to sell are not the same as the skills to recruit and as we know the money in MLM lies in recruiting others into the scheme. For my clients this is their biggest struggle. Not wanting to appear pushy or annoy people, sows a little seed of self-doubt and this has a knock-on effect into everything they do. 

The 7 Big Struggles apply to all women in business no matter what type of business they have. Entrepreneurs, small business owners’ freelancers, creative and craft products, passion projects, therapists, and other services, we all face the same inner challenges. 

Female MLM’s face particular challenges when it comes to resilience. Competition is everywhere and time is limited. Most women choose MLM because it offers great benefits for flexibility around their family and other commitments and also a promise of quick and easy income.  There is sadly no easy way to grow your business and earn income and many are not prepared for the work that needs to happen to grow their reach. Once their circle of friends and family has been exhausted, many will hold back as fear, confusion, and self-doubt creep in.

Coaching helps to support you through this transition. Many MLM companies offer great support and information on recruitment and sales, as we know, in order to action this kind of advice we need to be in the right mindset. If low self-esteem or fear is holding you back then no amount of promotional tips and tactics will help you.

Top tips to help you grow your network marketing business

Below are a few tips taken from my new book ‘Does it really need to be this hard?(Coming Soon – Aug2020) These will help when the 7 Big struggles start to creep in. 

Top Tips – Self-doubt to Self confidence

  • Confidence comes as a result of taking action. Choose to take action and the confidence will come. 
  • Surround yourself with people who can see your awesomeness. Find your tribe. Find your cheerleaders. And be sure to be a cheerleader for them too. Do not wait another day. Get out there and make some friends. 

Top Tips Summary – Isolation to Connection

  • Work with a coach to help overcome the mindset obstacles so you can begin to hear the good stuff.
  • If you cannot leave the house as much as you would like or you are restricted by responsibilities, such as small children and other schedules. Connecting online can offer just as much energy and value as face to face. Find people that energise you and places where you can not only offer value but receive it too.

Top Tips – Confusion to Clarity

  • Decide if there is an answer to your problem or several answers. If there is get them out of your head and onto a piece of paper as soon as you start to feel the rising uncertainty.
  • Who can help? Find people that understand or at least have some understanding of where it is you need to get to. What question do you need to ask? Be clear when asking for help about what it is you need. 

Top Tips – Fear to Courage

  • Begin by asking yourself the tough questions. What am I afraid of?  Plan to work through the things that scare you. 1 step at a time.
  • If you are holding back from prioritising income into your business you may have a fear money or success. This could be as a result of an underlying belief triggering low self-esteem. Visualize what lies beyond the income. Money is a vehicle to get you to that place.  

Top Tips – Guilt to Forgiveness

  • Begin by taking a few moments to explore what might be going on for you. If pushing forward with something that feels exhausting, then there is a chance that guilt is weighing you down. 
  • If there is a person or situation that repeatedly triggers your guilt, then you need to talk to them. Share your feelings and what it means to you. What it is you are experiencing. This is not about blame. If you need help to have this conversation, then seek support from a professional. Otherwise a simple relaxed conversation is usually enough. 

Top Tips Summary – Time Fatigue to Time Management

  • Time can be a fantastic tool, but we must know how to use it, how we experience it and make it tangible.  Be your own boss. Set rules for your day like you were the boss. Stay accountable.
  • Resourceful behaviours are the antidote to procrastination and time is the key to productivity. Identify the core behaviours that work for you around time management, organisation, and meeting targets. 

Top Tips Summary – Overwhelm to Resilience

  • Notice when you are pushing yourself too far to meet a value. Step back if you need to. 
  • Do not be a hero be a warrior, live to fight another day. Remember it is your mindset that decides if you go to Action or Overwhelm If you have put in place behaviours around fear, time, confusion, self-doubt, isolation, and guilt…. Overwhelm will be a rare. 

How I can help you set goals for your network marketing business


  • We will work to get super clear on where you want your business to take you. How much time you have before you need to see visible growth and income. 
  • We will set clear and manageable goals. Create a long-term plan of where you want the business to go. Then create 90-day plans for the steps to reach your long-term outcome.  
  • How many hours do you need to put in to get the income you want to make? I will help you to decide on your numbers. I will help you identify and be he honest about your ’Why’. Why are you choosing to do this? Is it flexibility, belief in the product, income? I’ll help you find this so that it can help keep you motivated when times get tough.We will work to define your ideal paying client. We will also work on defining your niche message which offers huge benefits and reduces anxiety around sale and increases productivity. For example, if you sell magnetic jewellery you have markets for those that like the product, or to treat headaches and chronic pain, and also menopausal women. 
  • I can offer affordable coaching and support, and I invite you to and join communities that support you such as the the Mindset Tribe for Women in Business a FREE Facebook Group which you are welcome to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/AbbieBroadMindsetTribe/

Need some help? Why not join my community of Women in Business? The Mindset Coaching VIP Membership Club offers a variety of packages to suit all budgets and circumstances. Check it out on my website https://nowwatchmefly.co.uk/group-coaching/

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