Mindset Coaching Group Workshop Portsmouth
"Human connection is the key to personal and career success."
- Paul J Meyer

Groups are kept to between 4-8 people. This ensures a collaborative and productive atmosphere.

Regular Events

The full programme is spread over 8 weeks. Workshops run throughout the year and booking is essential.

Low Price

The full 8 week workshop costs just £395 Inc. VAT. All in. No hidden fees. You can even try before you buy.

What you‘ll get out of the group workshop in Portsmouth:

Connection and support

Isolation is one of the top reasons why start-ups fail. We are not designed to operate alone. Joining the workshop provides connection and support. This group workshop in Portsmouth is an opportunity for you to begin to build an effective network of like-minded individuals to share in your journey. Giving support, offering accountability and maintaining motivation.

Inspiration and collaboration

We all need to bounce around ideas at one time or another and the workshop is an ideal platform to do this. Collaboration is vital when growing our business and working alongside others, helps to build effective relationships that will not only support us but our business too.

Self awareness and belief

Mindset coaching is about understanding who we are. If we are the business, we need to know what makes us tick. The workshop takes you through a process to explore your own values and beliefs. To question your perception of what your business means to you and create the behaviours that will enable you to welcome challenges and move forward with confidence.

Is the mindset coaching group workshop the right solution for you?

Yes, if:

  • You have a great idea, but you are not sure where to start
  • You have a passion project or product that you want to sell, but marketing fills you with fear
  • You have recently qualified to offer a service and you are ready to go it alone
  • You have taken the first steps to becoming a start up and now you feel stuck or demotivated
  • You are struggling to make time to concentrate on your business, service or side-line and need help

How does it work and what is required?

Step 1

Once registered for the programme you will be sent an “Are You Ready”? Mindset Preparation Questionnaire and other resources.

Step 2

The course is held 1 x week over an 8 week period. All materials and resources are provided. You will have additional exercises to complete between sessions.

Step 3

Through group discussion and a framework of coaching language and behaviours, you can absorb and digest the learning at your own pace.

"The workshop has helped me to turn my ideas into action and focused my mind on what needs to be done to achieve success."

Penny MooreEarly stage start-up

"Working with Abbie has helped me to see a different way to work that allows me to change my working behaviours in order to improve."

Debbie GreylingNot Just Travel

"Abbie has helped me to recognise and challenge my behaviour, beliefs and values, through open discussion, to empower me to go through my business journey with focus and clarity."

Pauline MacNamaraTwist of Creativity

Frequently asked questions

The mindset coaching group workshop is an 8 week programme which costs £395 inc VAT. Investing in the early stages of start-up can be tough and we want to know that we are spending wisely. I will answer any questions that you may have prior to the start of the programme to ensure this is the right investment for you. You can even pop along to one of the workshops and try before you buy!

The groups are usually between 4 – 8 participants. This helps to build trust and rapport within the group. And offers everyone plenty of opportunity to ask questions and encourages ownership of the learning process.

Confidentiality is discussed on day one and each participant is asked to sign a brief non disclosure agreement. I opperate a „safe space“ policy and what you chose to share is up to you. No one will be asked to share anything they do not feel comforatable with.

The location of the Workshops does vary, so please contact me for details of a workshop near you.

All folders and resources are provided at session 1. Anything else that is needed will be advised at the end of each session.


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