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Does it really need to be this hard? - Get all the tools and support you need, to develop your entrepreneurial mindset
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The journey from struggle to success begins with 1 step:

Confusion to Clarity

Fear to Courage

Self-doubt to Confidence

Isolation to Connection

Guilt to Acceptance

Overwhelm to Resilience

Time Fatigue to Time Management

Check out my top tips to make the 7 shifts from struggle to success

About the Facebook Group

Building a supportive community is essential during a period of learning and growth. Our Facebook Group offers connection and a safe space to access:

  • Top tips to beat the struggle
  • Peer support and accountability
  • Share experiences
  • Gain advice and inspiration

About the learning materials

Access via a secure membership site. Simple, practical, exercises that will challenge you to question your current mindset:

  • Create new and effective behaviors.
  • Immediate access to all units
  • Work through at your own pace.
  • Each unit comes with an instructional video and will take around 45min to complete

About the coaching

Memberships are available to suit all budgets and levels of support required. Challenging you to think differently through expert coaching and supporting you to implement your new behaviors.

  • Bronze - Via Group Sessions
  • Silver - 45mins 1-1 Zoom
  • Gold - 90mins 1-1 Zoom
  • Platinum - 120mins 1-1 Zoom

“I loved the experience of sharing my challenges and triumphs with other like-minded people. We supported each other wholeheartedly and I have made new friends who will see me through my business growth”

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Or Choose the Silver £60 - Gold £120 - Platinum £240

Frequently asked questions

All of the materials are available in the FB Group for you to download. Alternatively they can be sent to you via email when you sign up.

Yes!! you are welcome to remain a member of the group as part of the Bronze Package. Offering support and guidance and expertise to new members.

Bronze members receive support via the group and online Zooms Only. Silver Gold and Platinum receive 1-1 coaching from 45mins up to 180mins per month. Depending on the membership you choose. 

If you get stuck or are in need of urgent support then I will be more than happy to arrange a call with you in addition to the support already available.

Yes you can upgrade or downgrade your membership at anytime. And can cancel payments with 1 weeks notice. 

The aim of the programme is for you to be able to work through the materials and implement the learning as you go. Therefore once you begin to work through the exercises you can expect to start feeling the results very quickly. Like any coaching process the results will depend on the work you put in and they will vary from client to client.

The group operates as a community and we pledge to support each other in whatever way we can. Sharing support online, offering feedback and accountability, and signposting when necessary.  FREE Zoom Group Coaching sessions are held weekly to support you through out your journey.