Does it really need to be this hard? ~ Overcoming the 7 big struggles for women in business

I tell my story of determination, resilience, and tenacity to define and achieve my personal version of success. To meet my values and be fulfilled, through helping others to do the same.   
Does it really need to be this hard? Is for female entrepreneurs and small business owners. Mums with a side-line or passion project. For those working alone or from home who require support to navigate the demands of a work life balance. For those who have just started out and for those who are stuck, struggling to overcome mindset blocks in their business. I see you.
This book follows my early days as a start-up and takes you on a journey of how I  overcame the 7 big struggles for women in business; Isolation, confusion, self-doubt, guilt, time fatigue and overwhelm to turn my passion for coaching into a joyful and profitable business.  
If you are the product then you need to know yourself inside out. This book will help you to find what works for you. To identify your core values, drivers and beliefs and use them effectively. To avoid struggle and create a business and a life that is both joyful and productive.

When you purchase a copy of the book, you will find inside a link to download your FREE exercise Workbook to help develop your entrepreneurial mindset as well as links to join my Growing Tribe of Female Business Owners. Purchase a copy today and lets kick start your journey together.