1-1 Coaching
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"Passion is energy.
Feel the power that comes from focusing on what
excites you."
- Oprah Winfrey

Focused on You

Continued connection and accountability. Confidence to move forward. Signposting to additional expertise and resources.


I understand how precious your time is. 1-1 coaching offers the flexibility to work out of hours. Covering a lot of content in a shorter space of time.

Behavioural Flexibility

The road ahead is not yet defined. 1-1 coaching helps you to navigate the process. To stay resilient. To remain focused and overcome obstacles with confidence.

1-to-1 Coaching on Silver - Gold - Platinum Membership


Get clarity on both your mindset and your business goals


Support and encouragement to implement action right away


Let go of struggle and move forward with your business plan

Investing in yourself to benefit you, your business and your clients

Yes, if:

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What my current 1-1 Clients say after working with me


“Now I have clarity on the mindset struggles that were blocking my progress I can see more clearly where struggles may occur. My new mindset means that I am applying new effective behaviors that move me forward and I regularly set clear achievable goals that are aligned with my short and long term business plan”


“I am now able to notice where fear and limiting beliefs are triggered. I have built confidence in my skills and credibility so I can challenge those fears and limitations. This gives me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and take action”


“With a clearer understanding of what my core values are, I am able to seek opportunities to meet them. By identifying my cores values I can align them with my business goals to build motivation. Connecting with other people and activities that meet my core values has raised my energy and increased my visibility”


“Accepting and embracing my reasons for wanting a business means I can let go of any burden I was experiencing. I can now approach my business free from distractions and guilt. I no longer make excuses or beat myself up and have created a balance between work and home, that I can easily sustain”


“Now I know when and where overwhelm is likely to begin I can take action immediately to recharge. This stops the cycle taking me too far down and impacting on my mood. I now practice a daily routine of behaviors that keep my productivity consistent and manageable. Reducing the possibility of overwhelm kicking in”


“Getting my head around time to make it tangible means I have perspective on how to get the most from it. Setting up simple daily practices and behaviors means that time is no longer something I run out of. Managing my time keeps me focused, energized and productive . Managing time well feel empowering and my stress and anxiety have all but gone”

"The 1-to-1 Buddy Coaching Programme offers direction, connection and belief for business growth and scalability."
Devida BushrodFaith Hope and Sunshine
"Since coaching 1-to-1 with Abbie I cannot believe the difference in my outlook. Being a part of a family run business means finding balance between our work and private life. I have found the whole process invaluable. My work life has become enjoyable and a fulfilling part of my everyday life. I am able to give my best as I am feeling at my best."
Natalie BroadleyCBL Backdrops
"Working with Abbie has helped me to see a different way to work that allows me to change my working behaviours in order to improve."
Debbie GreylingNot Just Travel
"Mindset Coaching has given me clearer guidelines of what I want to achieve and better focus on how I’m going to get there. Having Abbie as my own personal cheerleader is amazing!"
Vicki HudsonVicki Hudson Reflexology

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Frequently asked questions

That very much depends on you. Many business owners are engaging the services of a performance coach throughout their business cycle. Connection and accountability are vital and coaching offers both.

Per Month – Silver Membership is £60 – Gold Membership is £120 –  Platinum Membership is £240.  

If required we can meet face to face, however the majority of sessions will be held via Zoom.