There are many reasons why women struggle in business. And by the time clients reach out and ask me for help, they are often exhausted, overwhelmed and confused. Some are even about to quit. Why? When there is so much information and support available. Networking, books, webinars, TED Talks. Surely there is no need for anyone to give up?

Over the years, through conversations and interactions with women in business. I have heard many stories of struggle. They usually begin with low self-esteem or a lack of belief. Self-doubt, fear and guilt are almost always at the heart of their struggle and these are the very reasons why they have waited so long, before asking for help.

Firstly, they don’t know they need it. They are not sure what it is, or how it can help them. They resist asking for help, because they don’t want to appear weak.

They prefer the struggle. We are taught from an early age that hard work pays off. No pain no gain. We need to keep working hard to see results. If it’s not hurting it’s not working. We pride ourselves on the struggle and it becomes our identity. Letting go of that feels too risky. So, they keep powering through.

Finally, admitting defeat would be admitting they failed. Engaging with support from a coach means admitting they can’t cope. “I don’t have time to sit down and unpick all the crap going around in my head. Coaching takes time and costs a fortune and I don’t have time for that.” It’s easier to just do this myself and that way, when I fail no one will know.

To overcome limiting beliefs, we must embrace vulnerability.  Be ready to fail. Be purposeful in our process. Mindset coaching creates a solid foundation of behaviours, beliefs and values that enable us to overcome the struggles and thrive.

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