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Mindset Coaching from Start-Up to Scale-Up

  • Are you currently trying to build an income from something you are passionate about?
  • Do you believe 100% in your product or your service but still feel like there is something missing, stopping you from taking the next step?
  • Do you sometimes doubt yourself and feel overwhelmed and no matter how hard you work, you don‘t seem to make any progress?
  • Have you recently qualified as a coach or therapist and you are struggling to get clients?
Abbie Broad, Mindset Coach (Read more about me here)
Hi, I’m Abbie!

Believe me when I say, you already have everything you need to become a success. The only obstacle you will truly need to overcome is your own Mindset.

Truth is that most of us are not hardwired with an “Entrepreneurial Mindset”. We have been conditioned to believe certain things. To operate with an “Employee Mindset”.

We are told throughout our lives that we have to work hard. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Be grateful. Ask permission. Limit your expectations. Follow the crowd.

The emotional struggle… is all about mindset.

And being a Mindset Coach, I am here to show you how to overcome that. Get out of your own way and be the success you always dreamed you could be.

Through mindset coaching, you‘ll be able to:

Focus attention

on what you really want. To identify the skills you have and utilise them. Discover who your ideal customers are and why they will buy from you.

Build confidence

and overcome limiting beliefs. Step out of your comfort zone by identifying your core values. To build belief in yourself and your offer.

Shape behaviours

that will beat procrastination and enable you to take consistent action towards your goal. To know what help you need and who to ask for it.

Short term

A great starting point. Getting your mindset ready for what lies ahead. To help you focus on the actions that will help you navigate your journey into business.

Mid term

The learning from the programme will continue through the next stages of Start-Up. Helping you to build resilience, take action and face your fears.

Long term

Many Start-Ups will fail in the first 12 months. Good behaviours, overcoming negativity and the right mindset from the start offers the best chances of success.

Your Mindset Coach from Portsmouth: Abbie Broad

What I wish I had known at the start of my journey ….

“If you are going to be your business, if you are your product. Then you had better make damn sure you understand every inch of how you work”

Now, I can honestly say it has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I am an expert in reframing and whilst I almost welcome failure as a tool for further self-discovery, I look back now and wonder if it needed to be quite as harrowing as it appeared to be at the time.

Read more about me here:

"Mindset Coaching has given me clearer guidelines of what I want to achieve and better focus on how I’m going to get there. Having Abbie as my own personal cheerleader is amazing!"

Vicki Hudson Vicki Hudson Reflexology

"Abbie has helped me to recognise and challenge my behaviour, beliefs and values, through open discussion, to empower me to go through my business journey with focus and clarity."

Pauline MacNamara Twist of Creativity

"Working with Abbie has helped me to see a different way to work that allows me to change my working behaviours in order to improve."

Debbie GreylingNot Just Travel

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